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Traditional Medical Food Recipes of China for Prevention and Cure

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This series of ebooks is stuffed full of great information. It is a very useful collection of medical recipes using every day common foods to cure ailments and diseases.:

How would you like to follow a traditional Chinese recipe to make a delicious dish while improving your immune system.

What about a delicious desert recipe that will win you compliments, but is also improving your memory and fighting illness?

That's in here too.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, all food has energies and causes some reaction in your body. These reactions are used to affect organs, bones, muscles, tendons and qi (chi) in your body.

After much research, this ebook is a translation of a compilation of medical texts from a variety of sources. Using food as a treatment for illness and feeling poorly, started later in Chinese history. Over a century ago. It is the outcome of people cleverly combining certain foods together with ancient Chinese doctor’s prescriptions.

For instance "Eight Treasure Cake" (see recipe in Nurture Blood and Strengthen Qi section) loved by Emperor Qian Long and Ci Xi Tai Hou was at one time named "Imperial Food" in the Palace. It is one of the best foods for medical care. Other examples such as "Ginseng Dates Rice" (in the Children’s Disease section ), "Eight Treasure Rice" ( in the General Disease Diabetes Treatment section)"Nutmegs Bread" (in Nutrition Deficiency section) "Poria Fungus Dumpling" (in the Tonify Heart Calm Shen section), etc. can easily be used as either the main course, or as desert. At the same time they are used as medical treatment formulas.

According to Chinese tradition, eating them often can not only prevent healthy people from getting sick, it also can help maintain their health and keep them strong, it can also work to cure people who are sick and help prolong everyone’s life.

In this book we try to use recipes which have ingredients that are relatively easy to find (though you may have to make a trip to your local Asian grocery store). The recipes can be made easily at home. You do not need any special skill to produce good results.

This information is Powerful Material! It is compiled to help you live a healthier, fuller life. Simply by improving your food choices, and preparing delicious foods from traditional Chinese recipes.

Why not enjoy your food while it heals you and makes you stronger?

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The first ebook in the series is

Beauty, Anti-Aging, Prolong Life Foods and Recipes

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